Curating my wardrobe

My Current Wardrobe
My current wardrobe – none of these are made by me!

I do have what you could call a capsule wardrobe… if by ‘capsule wardrobe’ you mean I have six t-shirts and two pairs of jeans that I wear to work every day. I don’t, however, have a curated capsule wardrobe, one that suits my lifestyle and contains clothes I enjoy wearing rather than throwing on first thing in the morning. Which is where this section of the blog comes in. One of the reasons for this blog is that I wanted to share my journey from a wardrobe made up of old t-shirts, plain jeans and cardigans with holes in that I wear to work, and about twenty dresses I like but never wear, to a wardrobe that I find inspiring.

Here are the main things I want out of my wardrobe, I think that by outlining this before I start I can make sure any new items fit the criteria.

1) I want my clothes to be comfy, this doesn’t mean I’m going to make an entire wardrobe full of t-shirts and jogging bottoms, it just means that every item has to be something I find comfortable to wear. Firstly, I’m very picky about textures and materials, I can’t stand wearing clothes with tags in them and I still haven’t found a make of tights I don’t mind wearing for a whole day. I tend to stick with natural fibres, and wear a lot of jersey dresses and tops.

2) I want to develop my own style. I’ve never been that interested in fashion, when I was younger I would prefer to sew bookmarks (that my mum framed…) than anything I could wear. I always err on the side of casual when deciding what to wear, but I want to develop a cohesive wardrobe full of smart but easy to style clothes.

3) I want to wear my whole wardrobe, not just the same few pieces over again and again. I think this is the motivating factor for most people who embark on a capsule wardrobe, I think it’s just human nature to have certain pieces you want to wear constantly, and I want to make a whole wardrobe filled with handmade pieces like this.

4) I want to make ethical choices with my wardrobe. It’s so easy to be persuaded by a £3 ready to wear vest from Primark, without thinking about the supply chain involved in making it. I know I won’t be able to make a completely ethically sound wardrobe, but by making my clothes and sourcing my own fabric, I can have far greater control.

These are my motivating reasons behind making a well selected handmade capsule wardrobe. I’m sure there will be many mistakes on the way, but I hope at the end of it I’ll have a wardrobe I’m proud of.


Autumn Colours

Clemence Skirt

Clemence Skirt Pockets

Clemence Skirt

This skirt has been a work in progress for almost a year, I started it last November when I was briefly unemployed and a couple of days after that it I got my current job, so left it half finished in my spare room. I figured since I wanted to pick up sewing again I would finish the project as I had everything I needed for it ready.

I’m really enjoying working through Love at First Stitch, before this I had made a pair of the Margot pyjamas and the Delphine skirt, as well as this Clemence skirt. I find the instructions really easy to use, as they break down every technique and stop me getting confused. Some of the patterns don’t fit into my style, but I’m looking forward to making the ones which do.

My favourite part about this skirt is definitely the pockets, in fact, I think being able to add pockets to most garments may be one of my motivating factors in learning how to make clothes… If I’d started making this skirt now, I would have chosen a different material, something less stiff so it’s not as bulky, and with a different print. However, I wore this for the rest of the day after taking these photos and I did enjoy the fox print and the autumnal colours, and it goes really well with my Kanken rucksack.

After we took these photos we went on a walk, because what’s nicer than wondering around Norwich on a slightly foggy November afternoon! I’ll leave you with these pictures of Cow Tower and the river, one of my favourite places in Norwich to visit.