Curating my wardrobe

My Current Wardrobe
My current wardrobe – none of these are made by me!

I do have what you could call a capsule wardrobe… if by ‘capsule wardrobe’ you mean I have six t-shirts and two pairs of jeans that I wear to work every day. I don’t, however, have a curated capsule wardrobe, one that suits my lifestyle and contains clothes I enjoy wearing rather than throwing on first thing in the morning. Which is where this section of the blog comes in. One of the reasons for this blog is that I wanted to share my journey from a wardrobe made up of old t-shirts, plain jeans and cardigans with holes in that I wear to work, and about twenty dresses I like but never wear, to a wardrobe that I find inspiring.

Here are the main things I want out of my wardrobe, I think that by outlining this before I start I can make sure any new items fit the criteria.

1) I want my clothes to be comfy, this doesn’t mean I’m going to make an entire wardrobe full of t-shirts and jogging bottoms, it just means that every item has to be something I find comfortable to wear. Firstly, I’m very picky about textures and materials, I can’t stand wearing clothes with tags in them and I still haven’t found a make of tights I don’t mind wearing for a whole day. I tend to stick with natural fibres, and wear a lot of jersey dresses and tops.

2) I want to develop my own style. I’ve never been that interested in fashion, when I was younger I would prefer to sew bookmarks (that my mum framed…) than anything I could wear. I always err on the side of casual when deciding what to wear, but I want to develop a cohesive wardrobe full of smart but easy to style clothes.

3) I want to wear my whole wardrobe, not just the same few pieces over again and again. I think this is the motivating factor for most people who embark on a capsule wardrobe, I think it’s just human nature to have certain pieces you want to wear constantly, and I want to make a whole wardrobe filled with handmade pieces like this.

4) I want to make ethical choices with my wardrobe. It’s so easy to be persuaded by a £3 ready to wear vest from Primark, without thinking about the supply chain involved in making it. I know I won’t be able to make a completely ethically sound wardrobe, but by making my clothes and sourcing my own fabric, I can have far greater control.

These are my motivating reasons behind making a well selected handmade capsule wardrobe. I’m sure there will be many mistakes on the way, but I hope at the end of it I’ll have a wardrobe I’m proud of.


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