What a lot of socks!


In the run up to Christmas I learnt how to knit, this may have been a bad time to learn as it meant I decided I should knit most of my Christmas presents!

I’ve tried a couple of times to learn how to knit, but I’ve always started with a scarf which I haven’t found that fun and it always ended up wonky and half finished. Someone suggested to me that I learn how to knit socks instead, as they’ve got enough parts to keep my interest and they’re fairly quick to knit up… plus everyone likes socks!

The two pairs above were Christmas presents, the first pair was for my mum, I found a lovely self-paterning wool in her favourite colours. It was the first pair of socks I ever made, and I used these instructions, which were detailed enough that even I could follow them.

The second pair was for my partner’s dad, and I used a chunky wool so it would be quick to knit. I should have followed a pattern for worsted weight wool, but instead I just guessed the number of stitches I needed, so they came out  bit large.

hand knitted socks

This pair of socks for my brother’s birthday probably took me as long as both of the other pairs combined. It’s got a design made by switching between purls and knits, as I haven’t learnt how to cable yet, which meant it took so long to knit. I switched to using the magic loop method half way through the instep of the first sock, which sped them up.

I’m currently on my second sock of a pair just for me, which I am super excited for, since I haven’t actually knit myself a pair yet. I want to get them finished soon so I can wear them, but I committed myself to knitting my partner a hat first!


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