Spring Stitching

summertide-shawlIt’s spring… sort of! When we left the house to take these photos it was bright sunshine, and by the time we’d walked to the river it had clouded over and was really cold, I was lucky I had a shawl to wrap around my neck for the rest of the walk to the pub.

This is the Summertide Shawl by Curious Handmade. I really enjoyed knitting it, especially the third clue (the first white part). It’s an old shetland lace stitch which has the same repeats the whole way through, but every eight rows it is offset by four stitches which is why it changes. It’s really soothing to knit and looks really organic, like ears of corn or fronds of a leaf.

The shawl itself isn’t as big as it should be, my finished gauge is way off what it should be. This is partly because it’s cotton, so doesn’t bloom when it is blocked, and partly because I used a size too small needles. I really want to make it again in wool, so you can really see the lacework open up.

plantain-tshirtI also finished another jersey top, this time it is Deer and Doe’s Plantain. I really like how flared the pattern is at the bottom, making it a really easy to wear t-shirt, but I like my necklines a bit higher, even though I already made it higher when I cut it out. I think because the fabric has quite a lot of stretch, and my shoulders are quite sloped, it accentuates how low the neckline is.