Sashiko Clutch

IMG_0044IMG_0043IMG_0042I’ve had a lot of fun recently playing around with sashiko, it’s so much fun to do in front of the tv or on the bus.

This bag is a simple fold over clutch, fastened inside with magnetic clips and with a zip pocket inside. To attach the straps, I sewed on some d-rings and used a clip-on chain that I bought from eBay. The fabric is some dark blue viscose I bought but decided that I didn’t like it enough to make into clothes, but it’s perfect for sashiko as it’s not too tightly woven and looks similar to the indigo fabric used in traditional sashiko. I tacked some cotton flannel fabric onto the back of the fabric and quilted through both layers to make the quilted look more prominent. I used Olympus brand sashiko threads and Clover brand sashiko needles, but I’ve also had good results using a normal embroidery needle and thread.

The sashiko is an ‘asanoha’ design, which means hemp leaf, which I used from Susan Briscoe’s ‘The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook’. I really love the book, and I’ve made four or five designs from it so far and they’ve all looked lovely. I really love the meditative art of getting all the stitches a similar size and making sure none of the threads cross. It does take some time initially to draw the grids out, but after that step is done, the sewing is really fun!